PR17-012_ELMO 780 High Power

ELMO 780 High Power Ready for Operation

Menlo Systems presents new features within its line of compact modular femtosecond fiber lasers for flexible and cost efficient OEM integration. With the novel ELMO 780 High Power model we have doubled the optical output power of our 780 nm femtosecond lasers with handheld frequency doubling module to >140 mW. Up to two nanojoule pulse energy and well below 100 femtoseconds pulse width guarantee best performance.

Owing Menlo Systems’ unique figure 9® mode locking technology the ELMO platform combines highest flexibility with excellent stability and low-noise operation at smallest system footprint. The modular design of the ELMO 780 High Power, comprising oscillator, amplifier, and SHG (second harmonic generation) subunits, enables versatile system configuration. No additional laser driver unit is necessary. The laser is ideally suited for applications in terahertz generation, multiphoton excitation, lithography technology and 3D micro printing, as well as for seeding of amplifiers.


All laser systems of the ELMO series are maintenance free and engineered for 24/7 operation, ready to use at the press of a single button.

MENLO SYSTEMS_Femtosecond_Fiberlaser_ELMO780_pic_3w.jpg 

Figure: ELMO 780 High Power femtosecond laser with three discrete modules (laser oscillator, amplifier and SHG module)