PR17-011 Review LASER 2017

This year we showed highlights from Menlo Systems' new product offerings, and several live demonstrations focusing on real life applications. The visitors were able to convince themselves of the outstanding performance of our latest optical frequency comb systems, THz spectrometers and femtosecond lasers.

As the world market leader in the field of optical frequency combs, we have shown live measurement of the best performance data from a commercially available system in terms of accuracy and stability. More than 15 years of experience have led to these outstanding results. Participants of the Dual-Comb Workshop could inform themselves how our novel Ultra Low Noise (ULN) lasers make new technologies possible. The dual comb spectrometer acquires molecular spectra down to sub-Hz level and sampling rates up to tens of kHz in the visible and infrared range.

The Menlo Systems femtosecond fiber lasers empower a whole field of new applications in life sciences. Our most compact and reliable sources with new wavelengths, higher power, shorter pulses are now entering the labs and were exhibited at the booth, to show how our customers obtain groundbreaking results in multiphoton excitation microscopy, deep tissue imaging, or photoactivation of living cells.

High-speed terahertz spectroscopy has never been so easy. This was shown with a running TERA ASOPS spectrometer which is operated at the push of a button. Test measurements of samples from users were measured during the show.

We thank our visitors for the successful trade show, for the interesting conversations and the valuable insights into many exciting projects.