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PR16-003_Product Release of FC1500-250-ULN

Product Release of FC1500-250-ULN - the best Optical Frequency Comb ever in regard to stability and phase noise.
PWest 2016, product release of Menlo FC1500-250-ULN, the ultra low noise Optical Frequency Comb. With an integrated phase noise <100 mrad [100 Hz .. 2 MHz], an Allan deviation <10-16 in 1 s, and <10-18 in 1000 s, the ULN comb is best in class. The performance of this high-end fiber frequency comb now outperforms any other laser and comb technology in all specs that are relevant for measurements with highest demands.

The rapid progress in research on optical clocks will benefit greatly from the improved performance of the FC1500-250-ULN, the latest addition to the successful FC1500 family of Menlo Optical Frequency Combs. For more information please contact Menlo Systems.

More information about FC1500-250-ULN

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