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Optical Frequency Combs from Menlo Systems – The best solution for every application

May, 2015

Menlo Systems' Optical Frequency Combs offer the best solution for every application - 200 systems installed worldwide speak for themselves. Our latest generation of Optical Frequency Comb systems offers unprecedented stability and accuracy of better than 10-18. As such, the new generation of Frequency Combs meet the requirements demanded by customers working on the latest generation of optical clocks. Systems with such extreme precision can only be realized when all parameters of the Frequency Combs can be completely monitored and controlled at any time. These parameters include both the pulse repetition rate and the offset frequency as well as the intrinsic noise of the femtosecond fiber laser - the centerpiece of the system. Menlo Systems' ultra-stable lasers with figure 9® technology deliver this performance, which we verify and document for each system before delivery, every time. This new laser technology and the design rely completely on polarization-maintaining fibers, and results in systems made for continuous operation (24/7) and ease-of-use. Depending on the requirements of the applications, the systems cover the visible and near infrared spectral ranges from 390 to 2200 nm. Furthermore, for infrared spectroscopy applications we now also offer the wavelengths from 3.1 to 3.4 m and from 6.5 to 7.8 m.

Menlo Systems’ latest generation of Frequency Comb systems now offers the customer a complete range. From the widespread laser stabilization in optical laboratories to applications in spectroscopy to the extreme requirements of optical clocks and the generation of highly stable radio frequencies. For every application the right Frequency Comb.

Our systems are characterized by a modular structure, which easily allows later upgrade with further options and additional wavelengths. The comprehensive software package allows for automated long-term operation and monitoring and provides a comfortable solution to all your needs when evaluating the measurement data both locally and over the Internet. And last but not least: decades of experience and expertise of our pioneering Frequency Comb team is available to support customers in their applications using the fascinating Frequency Comb technology.

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Picture: First Frequency Comb in space - start of the Texus 51 mission from Esrange Space Centre in Kiruna, Sweden on April 23, 2015. On board: An Optical Frequency Comb from Menlo Systems for measuring different clocks in microgravity.