About the Research Program

FaResQ: Fiber-based resonators for quantum technologies

Quantum technologies are about to fuel the next technological revolution. Computing, artificial intelligence, secure communication, time keeping, sensing, scientific metrology and much more may soon be boosted by quantum technologies. Funding bodies have issued large programs to drive this development and bring quantum technologies from research into widespread application. We are a part of this by developing a modular component for quantum technologies with collaborators at the University of Bonn. Two opposed processed fiber facets create a miniature version of a cavity of mirrors used e.g. to interface qubits such as trapped single atoms. Connected via optical fiber, this small modular component shall serve as a building block for complex quantum optical systems. Menlo Systems anticipates first commercial applications in frequency comb systems for metrology within a few years.

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We gratefully acknowledge funding by Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF).