About the Research Program

CaLas: Compact, highly stable laser system for quantum information processing with calcium ions

Quantum computation is in the focus of science and industry, with huge investments from major companies and research bodies. In order to drive its advancement, research in quantum technology requires the availability of highly precise laser systems. The CaLas research project, granted by the BMBF (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung), aims to facilitate the transfer of quantum technology from scientific laboratories to industrial application. The participating companies and research groups are developing an integrated optical platform providing a robust, compact, and highly stable laser system for quantum information processing with calcium ions. They elaborate the key technologies for the simplification, miniaturization, and automation of the complex laser systems to make it easy to operate for users outside the scientific community. The project concentrates on the development of compact optical frequency combs with particularly low phase noise, optical reference systems based on highly reflective mirrors, miniaturized highly stable continuous wave lasers, and novel magneto-optical crystals for micro-integrated optical isolators. The grant will strengthen the unique competences of the German photonics industry within the global development of quantum technology.

Project leader at Menlo Systems: Nikolai Lilienfein

We are grateful for funding provided by BMBF Germany.

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