MENLO FC1000 3w



  • 高重复频率
  • 全光纤耦合干涉仪
  • 操作范围在520纳米到1040纳米附近
  • 扩展的偏移频率调谐范围
  • 交钥匙计量系统,通过梳状控制和数据采集软件实现完全自动化
频梳间距 250 MHz
精度 10-14 in 1000 s or same as reference, whichever applies first
稳定性 5x10-13 in 1 s or same as reference, whichever applies first
相邻频梳线间距可调谐范围 >2 MHz
偏移频率的调谐范围 >250 MHz
波长范围 520-1040 nm*





  • EOM-Phase Electro-optic Phase Modulator

    Product Code: EOM-Phase

    Integrated into the laser cavity; allows high-performance phase locking to an optical reference by increasing the bandwidth of the repetition rate lock by more than an order of magnitude. With this EOM option sub-Hz line widths can be achieved. Required for high-performance phase locking to an optical reference.

  • FPC1000 Fabry Perot Cavity for Mode Filtering

    Product Code: FPC1000

    Increases the fundamental mode spacing to a user-defined frequency in the 2 to 25 GHz range. The Fabry-Perot is actively temperature stabilized and both input and output are fiber coupled.

  • orange PULSE YDFA Ytterbium-doped Fiber Amplifier

    Product Code: orange PULSE YDFA

    All polarization maintaining (PM) amplifier delivers intense pulses at 1040 nm +/- 10 nm.

    orange PULSE YDFA-SC: Single Clad Fiber delivers an output power >1 W in a spectral range >15 nm

    orange PULSE YDFA-DC: Double Clad Fiber delivers an output power >10 W in a spectral range >10 nm

  • M-520 High Power Measuring Port around 520 nm

    Product Code: M-520

    Output provides stabilized comb light with highest power at 520 nm. Contains an amplifier and subsequent frequency conversion, delivering minimum of 250 mW average power in a 3 nm window with a central wavalength at 520 nm.The output is free space.

  • BDU Beat Detection Unit

    Product Code: BDU

    Generates and measures the beat signal between the frequency comb and an external continuous wave (cw) laser. Available for various spectral ranges, with free space or fiber-coupled optics, and matched to the customer's laser.

    For more information: BDU

  • LLE-SYNCRO Laser Locking Electronics

    Product Code: LLE-SYNCRO

    Allows locking of an external cw laser to the stabilized frequency comb. Performance has been field tested with lasers from major suppliers.

    For more information: LLE-SYNCRO

  • Microwave Ultrastable RF Output

    Product Code: Microwave

    Ultrastable RF output in the 1 MHz-10 GHz range. Utilizing a high-sensitive fast photodetector and a frequency divider where needed.

  • Yb-TOD-Compressor Compression Unit

    Product Code: Yb-TOD-Compressor

    External compressor for pulse lengths down to 150 fs. Compensates for second and third order dispersion.

  • Rackmounted SmartComb Extensions

    Product Code: Rackmounted Extension

    The SmartComb can provide stabilized comb output as a seed, thereby extending the range from 530 to 2000 nm with optional retrofittable extensions.

    MENLO SmartComb Rackmounted

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