20 Years Precision in Photonics

Celebrating 20 years of our existence is for us a confirmation that the vision of our founders became reality. 20 Years of healthy growth, however, were only possible with a dedicated team and the fidelity and support of our customers and partners. Thank you for giving us the chance to do what we believe moves the world and continuously improves it! Our success is a source of motivation to not only reach for ambitious goals, but also to remain focused on providing the best service to the community.

20 Years ago Our founders Two PhD students and their superviser with vision and entrepreneur spirit
The first 20 years Our milestones Enter here to see a brief outline of our 20 year-journey
It began with... First customer Read the story of our first frequency comb customer
New location Menlo headquarters Get an impression about the Menlo headquarters and team
Stats The Menlo team As the Menlo family grows we let some numbers speak