SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATION: Compact polarization-maintaining 2.05-┬Ám fiber laser at 1-MHz and 1-MW peak power

Compact polarization-maintaining 2.05-µm fiber laser at 1-MHz and 1-MW peak power

H. Hoogland & R. Holzwarth

We report on a compact all-polarization-maintaining 2.05-μm chirped pulse fiber amplifier system emitting pulses at up to 1-MW peak power level at 371-fs pulse duration. The seed pulse repetition rate provided by an inhouse-built oscillator is reduced to around 1 MHz using a pulse picker. In combination with a two stage fiber amplifier, output pulse energies up to 570 nJ are obtained without the need of a high-power large-mode area amplifier. Both temporal stretching and compression of the chirped pulse amplifier design are achieved using a single chirped volume Bragg grating.

Optics Letters Vol. 40, p. 3520 (2015)