Fiber-coupled Photoconductive Antenna

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Advanced Features and Benefits

  • New: Improved spectral and dynamic range
                        TERA 15-TX-FC TERA 15-RX-FC                                       
  Emitter Receiver
Antenna material InGaAs/InAlAs LT InGaAs/InAlAs
Photosensitivity up to 1.57 μm up to 1.57 μm
Antenna structure strip line, gap: 100 µm dipole: 25 µm, gap: 10 µm
Fiber connection PM-PANDA, l=100 cm, FC/APC connector, SMF 28 fiber on request PM-PANDA, l=100 cm, FC/APC connector, SMF 28 fiber on request
Antenna electrical connection 1 m connector cable, LEMO 0S 1 m SMB connector cable, BNC adapter
Housing diameter 24.95 mm 24.95 mm
Operating conditions    
Average optical power  <30 mW <40 mW
Pulse duration <100 fs  <100 fs
Repetition rate 100 MHz (80...250 MHz) 100 MHz (80...250 MHz)
Bias voltage 100 V modulation, 100 V (unipolar) not applicable
Modulation frequency up to 75 kHz (unipolar) not applicable
Characteristics Measured in Fiber Testbed
THz pulse shape Peak-to-peak time difference <800 fs Peak-to-peak time difference <800 fs
Maximum of Fourier spectrum >0.3 THz >0.3 THz
20 dB level >1.5 THz >1.5 THz
Noise floor >4.5 THz >4.5 THz

 Caution: Maximum optical power 30 mW at emitter, 40 mW at receiver at 100 MHz laser repetion rate.



The fiber-coupled TERA15-FC antennas for 1560 nm laser wavelength allow for all-fiber THz systems. We deliver optimized structures for antennas and detectors.

TERA15-FC THz-Antennas

Electrical field of the TERA15-FC as a function of time:


FFT-spectrum of the emitted THz time trace:


Test conditions for measurement data:

Laser model Menlo Systems C-Fiber, 1560 nm center wavelength, 100 MHz repetition rate, pulse width at antenna <100 fs, 4 TPX lenses.

TX (Emitter) RX (Receiver)
Average optical power 20 mW 16 mW
Electrical in-/output 100 V 107 TIA

Caution: Maximum optical power 30 mW at emitter, 40 mW at receiver (100 MHz repetition rate); maximum voltage 120 V.

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