Optical Sampling Engine

Menlo OSE 3w


Advanced Features and Benefits

The Optical Sampling Engine (OSE) offers two frequency coupled lasers at unknown compactness and robustness for sampling and ASOPS applications.


Repetition Rate 100 MHz
Repetition Rate Offset Tuning Range Δf = -10 kHz .. + 10 kHz, in steps of 10-5 Hz
Time Measurement Window* 10 ns
Data Point Increment ** 1 ps @ 10 kHz, 0.1 fs @ 1 Hz
RMS Timing Jitter (0.1 Hz -500 kHz) <150 fs
RF Reference external or internal 10 MHz reference
Laser Heads  
Wavelength 1560 nm 
Average Output Power  >100 mW (from each laser)
Output Port fiber-coupled FC/APC
Pulse Length <90 fs after 1 m PM fiber
Trigger Signal TTL level at offset frequency, <10 ns rise time

*Scales with the repetition rate **Scales with the ratio of the repetition offset and the repetition rate squared (Δf/fr2)


In time-resolved measurements, an ultrafast pulse triggers a reaction and a second pulse takes a snapshot of the induced change. By shifting the arrival time of the probe pulse with respect to the pump pulse the stimulated process can be followed in time. The OSE is a one-of-a-kind compact Optical Sampling Engine that includes two femtosecond Erbium fiber lasers, synchronized with a high-accuracy phase-locking electronics. It allows for high-speed scanning over many nanoseconds of time delay without a mechanical delay line. In just 19” 3U, it features a fully automated turn-key asynchronous optical sampling system (ASOPS).

The ultrafast lasers delivering the pump and probe pulses are locked together at a tunable repetition rate difference. An optically generated TTL trigger output is integrated for triggering customer data aquisition devices. Due to its modular design, the OSE is the most versatile dual laser system on the market: Additional external modules are retrofittable, to provide higher powers, customized spectra and pulse lengths. The underlying proprietary technology based on figure 9® lasers is well-suited even for demanding environments.

COMPLETE SOLUTION: The turn-key, fully hands-off optical setup is integrated into a 19” 3U rack, and offers unprecedented compactness. The embedded platform ensures automatic laser stabilization. Changes of the operation mode can be done through the front screen, or be remote control over network by a browser-based graphical user interface. For convenience, the system offers a TTL trigger signal. Additionally, the OSE can provide additional outputs as a seed to pump external amplifiers.


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