YLMO 520
Femtosecond Fiber Laser



Advanced Features and Benefits   

  • Dual color output 520 nm & 1040 nm
  • Arbitrary splitting ratios possible
  • Compact Laser Head
  • Short femtosecond pulses <150 fs
  • Reliable operation due to figure 9® mode locking and all-PM solution
  YLMO 520
Central Wavelength  520 nm ± 5 nm
Pulse Width (FWHM) < 150 fs (Gaussian)
Average Power* > 500 mW (higher output power on request)
Pulse Energy >5 nJ
Repetition Rate* 100 MHz
Output Port freespace
Polarization linear, s-polarized
Beam Divergence < 2 mrad
Beam Quality M² <1.2 (typ. <1.1)
Auxilary Output Port** Free space, > 4 W average power, 1040 nm, <100 fs

*Please inquire for your specific combinations of average output power, pulse duration, repetition rate
** User can switch between 520 nm and 1040 nm port (arbitrary splitting ratios possible).


The YLMO 520 is based on a frequency-doubled ytterbium doped femtosecond fiber laser (YLMO). The system delivers more than 500 mW of average output power at 520 nm, with pulse durations below 150 fs. A versatile design permits simultaneous access of the 1040 nm fundamental, at an arbitrary power splitting ratio. High peak powers, excellent stability, and consistent long-term performance make the YLMO 520 a perfect fit to applications such as multiphoton excitation, pump-probe spectroscopy, or two-photon polymerization. Menlo Systems’ femtosecond fiber laser integrates the latest developments in fiber technology and incorporates these enhancements into an easy-to-use product.

Amplitude noise < 0.5% rms (over 24h)


Amplitude noise


Reproducibility Identical and consistent laser performance


Reproducibility fs Fiber Lasers


Optical Performance Autocorrelation and optical spectrum


Optical Spectrum  Autoorrelation 520 nm

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