Femtosecond Ytterbium Laser

YLMO 2W Laser Head 3w


Advanced Features and Benefits    

  • High Stability
  • Low Amplitude and Phase Noise
  • All-PM Solution
  • Single Mode-Lock State
  • figure 9® Technology, Laser Output in Less than 60 Seconds
  • Repetition Rate 100 MHz
  • Compact Laser Head
YLMO-2W 520
Central Wavelength  1040 nm ± 5 nm 520 nm ± 5 nm
Average Power  >2 W >500 mW
Pulse Energy  >20 nJ >5 nJ
Pulse Width <140 fs <150 fs
Repetition Rate* 100 MHz ± 1 MHz 100 MHz ± 1 MHz
Output Port free space  
Polarization p-pol. in free space (PER: typ. 23 dB) s- or p-pol. in free space (PER: typ. 23 dB)

*Please inquire for your specific combinations of average power, pulse duration, and repetition rate.


Menlo Systems’ femtosecond fiber laser integrates the latest developments in fiber technology and incorporates these enhancements into an easy-to-use product.

Our patented figure 9® technology delivers reliable and consistent mode-locking, which is ideally suited to ensure long-term stable operation in demanding environments. The YLMO-2W with its PM-fiber design guarantees excellent stability and consistent long-term performance. The YLMO-2W is engineered with life science and multi-photon applications in mind. The pulses can be pre-chirped to attain their shortest width within their intended target sample. The impeccable beam quality, both spatially and temporarily, ensures the most efficient use of the deposited energy for the targeted multiphoton process.

The installation of the laser system is as easy as it gets, taking only a few minutes. For ease of operation, the laser is switched on by the push of a single button. The maintenance free operation guarantees a worry-free device that enables our customers to focus their time and resources on their actual application.


  • VARIO User-Defined Repetition Rate

    Product Code: VARIO

    Factory-set value selectable in the 50-100 MHz range

  • SHG 520 Second Harmonic Generation

    Product Code: SHG 520

    Frequency doubling to 520 nm

  • MULTIBRANCH Additional Seed Ports

    Product Code: MULTIBRANCH

    Seeding of multiple amplifiers with optional subsequent frequency conversion to cover multiple wavelengths


Identical and consistent laser performance

Starttest C Fiber 3w

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