New Features 2019


Improved Integration and Automation

With our new ScanControl software, your Terahertz spectrometer can be controlled via PC and automated with a comofortable remote interface to be integrated in your experimental software.

Dual detector systems

Our THz-TDS systems can from now on be equipped with two THz detectors, e.g. allowing detection in reflection and transmission simultaneously. This unique feature of Menlo’s THz systems is opens new fields of applications, and makes our systems even more attractive to both scientific and OEM customers.

TERA ASOPS – High-speed THz scanning

We have integrated our ASOPS technique for electronic high speed scanning into our latest TERA ASOPS THz-TDS system. Without any mechanically moving parts, a large scanning range of nanoseconds is available, increasing the spectral resolution. The scientific platform design is nonetheless a turn-key system with intuitive and user-friendly software, offering versatile options such as THz imaging or additional optical output ports. Ask for our most compact solution for your Terahertz ASOPS spectrometer!


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