New Features 2019


OSE - Compact Optical Sampling Engine

Menlo's new Optical Sampling Engine offers you the full flexibility of the ASOPS technology in a single 19 inch rack. The new all-fiber, turnkey, hands off system allows you to fully concentrate on your experiment and not worry about the lasers.

Asynchronous Optical Sampling - Data aquisition platform

Menlo ASOPS systems can be equipped with a data aquisition platform that allows the user to collect measurement data also from their user experiment. This new feature adds to the already sophisticated control software, that allows the user full control over the laser sources and lock electronics.

RRE SYNCRO automation

With our new RRE Control software, your syncronization solution can be controlled via PC and automated with a comofortable remote interface to be integrated in your experimental software.

Menlo Expert Milan Oeri 2022
Dr. Milan Öri
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