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The FC1500 Ultra Low Noise Comb with extended coherence is the ideal clockwork for optical lattice clocks. A direct comparison between two independent ULNplus Combs is an elementary part of every systems' quality check at the Menlo factory. Such Menlo guarantees and proves by measurement that the outstanding spectral purity of the oscillator is transferred perfectly to the desired customers' wavelength for every system delivered to the customer. A “Plus” in performance and a “Plus” in quality.


The SmartComb can be extended with a 19”, 3HE rack containing up to 6 amplifiers, 6 beat detection units (BDU) and frequency counters. Using the SmartComb as a seed, the comb light is distributed and amplified with the SmartAmp. Together with internal BDUs and counters the system automatically measures your laser frequencies, in the range of 530-2000 nm, to the 14th digit. In addition, the beat signals serve as error signals to stabilize your CW laser (e.g. with a Menlo SYNCRO LLE unit) when required. In short: Stabilize all frequencies and transitions in your quantum optics laboratory to one absolute frequency reference!

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Dr. Benjamin Sprenger
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