ELMO 780
Femtosecond Erbium Laser

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Advanced Features and Benefits    

  • High Stability
  • Low Amplitude and Phase Noise
  • All-PM Solution
  • Single Mode-Lock State
  • Menlo figure 9® Technology, Laser Output in Less than 60 Seconds
  • Repetition Rate 50-100 MHz
  • Smallest Footprint, No additional laser driver required
  ELMO 780
Central Wavelength  780 nm ± 10 nm 780 nm ± 10 nm
Average Power  >75 mW

>140 mW

Pulse Width <100 fs <100 fs
Output Port free space free space
Polarization linear, p-polarized** linear, p-polarized**
Dispersion Management pigtailed and versatile SHG module with up to 0.5 m optical fiber supply* pigtailed and versatile SHG module with up to 0.5 m optical fiber supply*
Repetition Rate* 100 MHz (50-100 MHz with VARIO) 100 MHz (50-100 MHz with VARIO)
Auxiliary Output Port at 1560 nm fiber coupled, 1560 nm, >180 mW, <90fs pulse width after up to 0.5 m external patch cord***  
2nd Fiber-Coupled Seed Port yes yes
2nd High Power Output Port available with MULTIBRANCH available with MULTIBRANCH

 *Please inquire for your specific combinations of average power, pulse duration, repetition rate, and external fiber length.

**the versatile handheld SHG module can also be mounted in s-polarized orientation.

 ***Output wavelength changeable from 780 nm to 1560 nm with additonal patch cord.


Menlo Systems’ fiber-based femtosecond laser sources integrate the latest achievements in fiber technology into easy-to-use products. Menlo Systems’ unique figure 9® mode locking technology results in reproducible and long-term stable operation. The ELMO with its all polarization maintaining fiber design guarantees excellent stability and low-noise operation. The ELMO 780 is perfectly suited for applications in terahertz generation, multiphoton excitation, lithography technology and 3D micro printing, as well as for seeding of amplifiers. With its modular concept and its compact frequency doubling module it is optimized for OEM integration and maximum versatility. All systems are maintenance free and engineered for 24/7 operation, ready to use at the press of a single button.


  • VARIO User-Defined Repetition Rate

    Product Code: VARIO

    Factory-set value selectable in the 50-100 MHz range

  • MULTIBRANCH Additional Seed Ports

    Product Code: MULTIBRANCH

    Seeding of multiple amplifiers with optional subsequent frequency conversion to cover multiple wavelengths

  • CONFIGURATIONS Detachable Options


    1560 nm +/- 20 nm

    >180 mW (typ. 21 0mW)

    <70 fs (typ. 50 fs)

    after external PM patchcord

    fiber coupled output

    Menlo ELMO780 Options 01

    detachable patch cord

    780 nm +/- 10 nm

    >140 mW (typ. 165 mW)

    <100 fs (typ. 85 fs)

    detachable SHG module

    free space output

    Menlo ELMO780 Options 02

    detachable SHG module



    Product Code: Dispersion precompensation

    Dispersion precompensation to compensate dispersion of microscope objective and additional optics of up to 16.000 fs²

Amplitude noise

< 0.5% rms (over 24h)



Identical and consistent laser performance

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