Frequency-Comb-Enabled Quantum 2.0 Applications

The Quantum Revolution 2.0 has created a need for high-performance and complex, yet user-friendly and automated, multi-frequency laser systems, to control and read-out the atomic or ion species that are central to quantum technological applications. At Menlo Systems, we have developed the FC1500-Quantum – a ground-breaking innovation that aims to directly address this need, enabling cutting-edge applications including optical clocks, quantum computing, and quantum sensing.

The FC1500-Quantum is comprised of an ultra-low-noise frequency comb, an optical reference system, and as many continuous-wave lasers as required by the application. In this tutorial, we present an overview of the market need for such a solution, the key parameters of the FC1500-Quantum product, and a short insight into some of the applications it is enabling. Anyone who is interested in quantum technology, frequency combs, and photonics instrumentation is invited to attend the tutorial.

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Dr. Sandra de Vega - Sales Engineer Optical Frequency Combs & Ultrastable Lasers
Dr. Dag Schmidt - Product Manager Optical Frequency Combs
Dr. Benjamin Sprenger - Regional Manager and Quantum Technology & Metrology Expert