ELMO 780 XHP: Industry proven. Output power multiplied.

ELMO 780 XHP 7

Menlo Systems launches ELMO 780 XHP, the most recent development within their industry-grade femtosecond erbium fiber laser series. The new high-power version delivers more than 1 W average output power at 780 nm, with pulse durations at the 100 fs level, while occupying only a fraction of the space demanded by other lasers with comparable performance. It also maintains state-of-the art stability, repeatability, and reliability of the laser parameters, characteristic of Menlo System’s figure 9® laser technology. The extremely robust, compact, and energy-efficient design offers all the versatility of Menlo System’s modular concept, allowing for easy adaptation of the laser parameters to both scientific and industrial settings - ready for OEM integration.

The ELMO 780 XHP boasts various essential enabling attributes. The refined integrated dispersion pre-compensation up to -30.000 fs² ensures delivery of the short pulse durations via optical fiber directly to the target location. Fully-integrated fast amplitude modulation allows for fast adaptation of the optical power. An optional additional optical output port provides access to >1 W optical power at the 1560 nm fundamental wavelength.

The ELMO 780 XHP model excels in applications such as multi-photon microscopy and has the potential to provide breakthroughs in 3D nano printing.