Menlo Systems' YLMO Mid-IR: Powerful. Tunable. Compact.

With the YLMO Mid-IR, Menlo Systems brings a compact, powerful and tunable mid-IR fiber laser to the market. The system delivers femtosecond pulses with adjustable spectrum in the 3 – 5 µm wavelength range. The wavelength tuning is performed in a fully automated manner via control software. With average power levels exceeding 100 mW, the YLMO Mid-IR easily serves common requirements of state-of-the-art mid-IR applications. Pulse durations of down to 140 fs support broadband spectroscopy applications as well as time resolved measurements.
The system is encompassed in a compact housing. It allows for a maintenance-free operation which guarantees a true hands-off device, enabling our customers to focus their time and resources on the actual application. The robust system design ensures excellent stability and consistent long-term performance. The installation of the laser system is as easy as it gets, taking only a few minutes. The new YLMO Mid-IR integrates the latest developments in fiber technology and incorporates the enhancements into an easy-to-use and cost efficient product.