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Whether quantum computers, nano-material processing or novel medical diagnostic methods: The photonics industry offers young graduates a future-oriented field of activity in hot technologies that advance our society. As a pioneer of the optical frequency comb technology, one of the key technologies for quantum applications, Menlo Systems provides complete laser systems for the highest requirements of this future industry.

We want to share our enthusiasm for photonics with young people and invite them on an exciting career path with excellent perspective. On December 14, we have opened our doors for students from the Munich University of Applied Sciences to join us on a virtual company tour. We offered exclusive insights into our product line of ultrastable lasers with exciting applications around the ongoing quantum revolution, such as ultra-precise clocks, quantum computers, or secure data encryption. Our experts introduced the different interdisciplinary fields of activity in the ultrastable lasers division, such as product management, production line management, and technical sales.

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View some screenshots from the lab tour:

Menlo virtual lab tour presentation


Menlo virtual lab tour ORS 1


Menlo virtual lab tour ORS


Menlo virtual lab tour ORS 2