C-Fiber 780 Series: Increased Pulse Energy and Lowest Timing Jitter

Menlo Systems has refurbished the specifications of their C-Fiber 780 High Power erbium-doped femtosecond fiber laser by significantly increasing the output power levels at 780 nm and at 1560. The output power ratio is freely adjustable. The VARIO option for the choice of pulse repetition rate boosts the pulse energy to up to three nanojoule at 780 nm, with a pulse duration down to 60 fs. With the SYNC option the laser can be synchronized to any other chosen repetition rate signal.

Menlo Systems’ unique figure 9® design results in highest optical performance combined with excellent long-term stability and low noise operation. The C-Fiber 780 High Power model is characterized by an outstandingly low timing jitter on the attosecond level. Simultaneously, the system is maintenance free, user installed, and ready for operation at the press of a single button. Its reliability and premium output parameters make it perfectly suited for applications in multiphoton excitation, seeding of amplifiers, terahertz generation, as well as 3D micro printing.

The scientific platform allows system customization with various options available, making the C-Fiber 780 High Power highly versatile. For instance, with additional multicolor output ports available in the range from 550 nm up to 2100 nm the laser is also an ideal solution for spectroscopic applications.


MENLO SYSTEMS_Femtosecond-fiberlasers_C-Fiber-780-HP_3w.jpg

Figure: C-Fiber 780 High Power femtosecond laser