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Combining the expertise of Menlo Systems and Thorlabs Crystalline Solutions, we are excited to announce the launch of the new XM-ORC Optical Reference Cavity with Crystalline Mirrors. With reduced thermal noise, the XM-ORC is the ultimate performance variant of our standard 12.1 cm Fabry-Pérot cavity design and comprises a cylindrical spacer made from ultra-low expansion (ULE) glass and crystalline coated (xtal stable™) mirrors on fused silica substrates.

The key to the performance enhancement of the XM-ORC lies in the near structural perfection of the GaAs/AlGaAs monocrystalline mirror coatings. These single-crystal multilayers simultaneously exhibit high reflectivity and low elastic losses, the latter resulting in minimal Brownian noise and thus an improved stability for the assembled optical cavity.

The cavity is mounted horizontally on four support points within a stainless steel vacuum housing and is engineered for exceptional temperature stability to enable low frequency drift. Active temperature stabilisation is included to maintain the cavity at the zero-crossing temperature of the ULE glass spacer which is close to room temperature. The compact design ensures minimal spatial demand and portability is ensured by a mechanical locking mechanism. The XM-ORC will be offered at standard wavelengths of 1064 nm (finesse > 100000), 1397 nm, and 1550 nm (both finesse > 300000). Non-standard wavelengths, multiple wavelengths and characterisation of the zero-crossing temperature are available upon request.

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