High-speed optical sampling – A matter of synchronization

Precise control of the laser repetition rate is desired when the laser pulses need to be synchronized with further ultrafast signals in the experiment, such as another laser, THz or synchrotron radiation. In the asynchronous optical sampling scheme (ASOPS), this repetition rate lock between two femtosecond lasers is slightly detuned for high-speed time-domain scanning. The ASOPS technique allows high-speed scanning over some nanoseconds of time delay without mechanical delay line. This is exploited in ultrafast time-domain spectroscopy of charge carrier kinetics, lattice vibrations, and other collective dynamic phenomena in solids, semiconductors, and gases.

We present how Menlo Systems product portfolio in fs lasers, synchronization electronics and fully integrated systems delivers unbeaten reliability and superior performance to various application fields, such as, terahertz spectroscopy, picosecond ultrasound, quality inspection, and ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy.

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Enrico Dardanis - Product Manager Terahertz Systems
Dr. Milan Oeri - Senior International Sales
Dr. Andon Bano - International Sales Femtosecond Fiber Lasers