The Physics and Techniques of Laser Stabilization

A rigid Fabry-Perot etalon is the core of an ultrastable laser system. In the second part of our webinar miniseries on high precision metrology we will review in detail the physical characteristics of such an optical reference cavity:

  • Cylindrical and cubic cavity spacer geometry, demands on the temperature stabilization, vacuum levels, and vibration isolation, design of the highly reflective resonator mirrors, and more
  • Technical solutions enabling a high level of system integration and ensuring the high-end performance of the final product
  • System customization for a variety of applications
  • System demonstration: detecting a heterodyne beat between two ultrastable lasers, measuring and discussing the levels of stability and phase noise that are routinely achieved

Main presenter:
Dr. Nikola Bucalovic, Product Manager - Ultrastable Lasers

View on demandThis webinar is a two part series - click to view more information about the first webinar.