First Timing Distribution System with 14 links in operation

Menlo Systems celebrates the historical moment after the successful upgrade of its Timing Distribution System (TDS) to 14 stabilized fiber links (SFL) at the customer’s site. The initial 7 links have been performing flawlessly since their installation in 2017.

The current extension of the timing system makes possible to establish the time as an almost drift-free observable. In geodetic measurements this will allow to identify and correct systematic errors when comparing events between different measurement techniques such as Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) and Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI).

We are proud to be providing highest technological standards to one of the largest facilities.


J. Kodet et al.:
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Journal of Geodesy 2018 (First online)

K. U. Schreiber & J. Kodet:
The Application of Coherent Local Time for Optical Time Transfer and the Quantification of Systematic Errors in Satellite Laser Ranging;
Journal of Space Science Reviews 214: 22 (2018)

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