About the Research Program

MUNIQC-Atoms: Munich Quantum Valley Neutral-Atom Quantum Computing Demonstrator

The MUNIQC-Atoms project aims to provide a quantum processor based on neutral strontium atoms with up to 400 qubits. Single cooled strontium atoms in optical traps will be manipulated in such a way that one- and two-qubit gates can be realized. Cooling, repumping, and manipulating these atoms requires lasers at many different wavelengths (atomic transitions in strontium). Menlo will provide the laser system with linewidth down to below one Hertz based on a cavity-stabilized laser and a frequency comb for transfer to all relevant atomic lines with fiber-coupled outputs for the physics package. This BMBF-funded project is part of the Munich Quantum Valley initiative which aims to promote quantum sciences and quantum technologies in Bavaria.

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We gratefully acknowledge funding by the BMBF.