About the Research Program

CloNets: CLOck NETwork Services - Strategy and innovation for clock services over optical-fiber networks

Distribution of high performance time and frequency reference signals over optical fibre networks are foreseen as enabling technology and infrastructure for most demanding actual and future projects and applications, including comparisons of today’s best optical clocks. The CloNets consortium and project aims to prepare the transfer of this new generation of technology to industry and to strengthen the coordination between research infrastructures and the research and education telecommunications networks, preparing the deployment of this technology to create a sustainable, pan-European clock service network. Further, this core network will be designed to be compatible with a global European vision of time and frequency distribution over telecommunications networks, enabling it to provide support to a multitude of lower-performance time services, responding to the rapidly growing needs created by developments such as cloud computing, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. Menlo is contributing to various work packages within this project.

Funding under H2020-EU. - Exploiting the innovation potential of research infrastructures is gratefully acknowledged.