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ELMO 780 High Power: doubled output power
Our ELMO 780 High Power OEM laser is now available with doubled optical output power of >140 mW and a pulse duration of well below 100 fs. Owing to our unique figure 9® mode locking technology the ELMO platform combines highest flexibility with excellent stability and low-noise operation at smallest system footprint.

C-Fiber 780 High Power: increased pulse energy and lowest timing jitter
We significantly increased the output power of our C-Fiber 780 High Power laser to >250 mW at 780 nm, and >500 mW at 1560 nm, maintaining pulses as short as 60 fs. With our VARIO option for the choice of pulse repetition up to three nanojoule pulse energy at 780 nm are available. Our unique figure 9® design ensures premium performance with an outstandingly low timing jitter on the attosecond level.

Menlo figure 9® technology outperforms other laser technologies
We have integrated our novel ultrastable figure 9® technology into all our femtosecond fiber lasers. The unique patented technology is now available for all our wavelengths on our scientific and OEM model platforms, such as e.g. the latest orange series or the new YLMO-2W high power laser. With the figure 9® all-PM fiber design Menlo’s laser systems offer highest stability and lowest noise operation, engineered for 24/7 operation with highest reliability and reproducibility. Please contact us and request data on short and long time scales on the unique performance.

New wavelengths in C-Fiber and ELMO femtosecond lasers
In the two laser families Menlo Systems now offers wavelengths from the visible to the mid-IR, spanning 500 nm to 15 micron. For spectroscopy in the window of 3.2-3.4 micron we can now offer >120 mW in a spectral bandwidth of >200 nm. The ELMO Multichannel represents the most flexible OEM femtosecond laser with simultaneous output channels at various wavelengths. Output ports at 780 nm, 1030 nm, 1560 nm, and the virtually available colors at around 900 nm and 1200 nm match the 2-photon transitions of the most relevant fluorescent proteins, such as mCherry and GFP.

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