R&D Projects

We are grateful for the opportunity to work in projects with partners within Germany, the EU, and worldwide. Within each individual project we try to focus on the solution for a specific task. Very often this requires profound R&D work. We explicitly want to express our thanks to BMBF and the EU for their support in the R&D efforts. The work presented on this Projects page would  be impossible without their generous support. Last, we want to thank our partners for their inspiration and support.

R&D Projects TERACOMB quantum cascade lasers (QCL) to generate a frequency comb (FC) in the terahertz frequency region
R&D Projects FACT Future Atomic Clock Technology
R&D Projects SOC2 Towards Neutral-atom Space Optical Clocks
R&D Projects IRASSI Precision intersatellite ranging technologies based on frequency combs

Photo: Infrared Telescope DARWIN, Copyright ESA 2002, Illustration by Medialab

R&D Projects PµreComb The project's objective is the realization of ultra-pure and robust microwave sources in two complementary setups, relying on one side on fiber based frequency combs and on the other side on Kerr-comb formation in SiN micro-resonators.
R&D Projects FOKUS Developing an optical frequency comb for use on a sounding rocket
Laser based diagnostic of the interaction between tumor cells and ECM DiaTumor Development of a compact 2-photon microscope with integrated fs fiber laser.

600 µm deep measurement of a mouse brain, taken with Menlo Systems Yb:doped femtosecond fiber laser, dye: YFP - Yellow Fluorescent Protein

R&D Projects WebDefIn Development of an innovative, industry-suited measurement system for in-line inspection of ribbon-like materials.

The system detects defects such as enclosures, delamination and other voids utilizing terahertz radiation.