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TERA ASOPS – High-speed THz scanning
We have integrated our ASOPS technique for electronic high speed scanning into our latest TERA ASOPS THz-TDS system. Without any mechanically moving parts, a large scanning range of nanoseconds is available, increasing the spectral resolution. The scientific platform design is nonetheless a turn-key system with intuitive and user-friendly software, offering versatile options such as THz imaging or additional optical output ports.

Asynchronous Optical Sampling - Data aquisition platform
Menlo ASOPS systems 2018 can be equipped with a data aquisition platform that allows the user to collect measurement data also from their user experiment. This new feature adds to the already sophisticated control software, that allows the user full control over the laser sources and lock electronics.

Asynchronous Optical Sampling - Reduction in size and complexity
Improvements in laser technology and control electronics have led to a smaller, less complex system. Please send us your specific request and we adapt the ASOPS system to your needs.

Menlo figure 9® technology outperforms other laser technologies
Menlo ASOPS laser models are based on Menlo figure 9® technology. Guaranteeing highest stability, and highest user-friendliness.

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