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All Menlo FPD ultrafast photodetectors with improved specifications
All our FPD ultrafast photodetectors have reached a new level in 2018: Not only they have new look (and share a common housing) but they also come with an new inside with improved specs. This is true for all models of FPD310, FPD510, and FPD610, VIS and NIR version, fiber-coupled and free space: All share improved dark state noise levels down to -135 dBm (see individual spec sheets). The FPD610, the latest addition to the FPD family, has a DC-600 MHz bandwith and an exceptional high gain. With each detector a low noise power supply is included, making it ready for operation. All FPD models share the same small housing - a plus for integration and OEM purposes.

OEM customers
We welcome OEM customers and are ready to adapt the detectors to your specific application. Our in-house expertise combines excellent knowledge in optics and RF electronics resulting in state-of-the art solutions for our customers.

Please download our latest Detector Selection Guide for a detailed overview over all specifications.

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