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The best Optical Frequency Comb for any application - this is our guideline when we release new models

Please download the Optical Frequency Comb Selection Guide - a short overview and summary of the different models and the recommended applications. Our team of frequency comb experts is looking forward to guiding you through the decision process and will help you to make the perfect choice in order to match your requirements and expectations.

Menlo Systems' figure 9® technology
We have integrated the Menlo figure 9® technology into all fiber based Optical Frequency Combs. Figure 9® technology stands for highest stability and reliability outperforming other technologies. We see figure 9® as the new gold standard. Please contact us to see long term data on the unique performance.

Application News - the finest laser light at all colors
Our customers now have access to the finest laser light at all colors. Optically locked Menlo frequency combs transfer the ultra narrow linewidth of the Menlo optical reference ORS at one color to all colors within the broad spectrum of the frequency comb. A complete stabilized laser frequency comb system enabling emerging applications like optical clocks, and the generation of high precision radio frequency signals, just to name two.

Product Release: SmartComb - a new era in Optical Frequency Combs
Our new SmartComb is a 19'', 3U, all fiber based Optical Frequency Comb. The user simply plugs in the optical fiber of the laser being measured or stabilized - SmartComb does the rest. With fully automated locking electronics, fully automated beat detection, and fully automated measurement and stabilization, the system is made for use in- and outside of optics labs.
SmartComb is now available with additional outputs at 633 nm, 780 nm, 1064 nm, 1560 nm. Contact Menlo Systems for more information on other wavelengths.

FC1500-250-ULN Ultra low noise Optical Frequency Comb - best ever in regard to stability and phase noise
With an integrated phase noise <100 mrad [100 Hz .. 2 MHz], an Allan deviation <2x10-16 in 1 s, and <3x10-18 in 1000 s, the ULN comb now outperforms any other laser and comb technology in all specifications that are relevant for measurements with highest demands on accuracy, stability, and phase noise. The rapid progress in research on optical clocks will benefit greatly from the premium performance of the FC1500-250-ULN.

Mid-IR Comb
With the Menlo Mid-IR Comb we have extended the wavelength coverage of Optical Frequency Combs to cover the Mid-IR spectral range, matching the fingerprint region of many molecules.

AstroCombs, i.e. Optical Frequency Combs with mode spacing in the 10s of GHz for calibration of spectrographs at the world's most stable and most accurate telescopes, are becoming the favorite tools for astronomers when e.g. hunting for exoplanets. Contact us for the latest updates on recently installed systems.

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