Ultrastable Microwave Generator

MENLO PMWG 1500 3w


Advanced Features and Benefits

  • All-in one Photonic Microwave Generator
  • Compact rack solution
  • Up to 12 GHz ultra-low phase noise microwaves
  • 5 cm long cubic ULE spacer
  • <-130 dBc/Hz at offset frequencies above 1 kHz
  Carrier at 12 GHz Carrier at 10 MHz
Offset freq. (Hz) PSD of SSB PN (dBc/Hz) PSD of SSB PN (dBc/Hz) high-end PSD of SSB PN (dBc/Hz)
1 -85 -85 -127
10 -95 -110 -140
100 -110 -130 -150
1K -130 -140 -160
10K -140 <-150* -165
100K -150 <-150* -160
1M -150 <-150* -160

*such level can be seen as a measurement limitation

For an absolute phase noise assessment a dual heterodyne cross-correlation is required.

PSD: Power spectral density, SSB PN: Single sideband phase noise

For frequency stability specifications please see the Menlo Systems ORS-Cubic Datasheet


Ultra-stable microwave sources are paramount for a broad range of applications, including precision metrology, deep space navigation, telecom and next generation wireless communication, as well as coherent radar. The idea to phase-coherently divide high-fidelity optical signals into the microwave domain was already envisioned in the very early stages of frequency comb technology.

In laboratory demonstrations the level of phase noise of these photonic microwaves has been proved to vastly exceed the performance of any other established technology. Menlo Systems is now providing a performance that significantly outperforms commercially available microwave oscillators. Combining our established ultra-stable optical reference systems (ORS-Cubic) and our state-of-the-art optical frequency combs (SmartComb), Menlo Systems offers an all-in-one solution for photonic microwave generation. An extension package for ultra-stable microwaves is also available for all optically referenced FC1500-250-ULN and FC1500-ULNplus systems.

Single Sideband Phase Noise @ 12 GHz, High-end Variant


 PMWG 1500 PN 1Hz 1MHz 3w



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