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With the ORS-Crystalline add-on, Menlo Systems offers ultrastable laser systems with crystalline coatings further increasing the stability of commercially available systems. Menlo Systems has an exclusive distribution agreement for optical reference cavities based on the proprietary substrate-transfer coating technology from Thorlabs Crystalline Solutions. The semiconductor-based monocrystalline mirrors manufactured by Thorlabs Crystalline Solutions exhibit a significant reduction in Brownian noise when compared with mirrors based on sputtered coatings, while simultaneously providing excellent optical properties. The integration of crystalline coatings in Menlo Systems ORS product portfolio further advances the performance of these turn-key narrow-linewidth lasers, enabling Menlo Systems to provide ultra-stable optical references for applications in spectroscopy and quantum technology.

New Product PMWG-1500 (Photonic Microwave Generator) transfers stability from the ORS-Cubic ultrastable laser system to the microwave domain

Our novel PMWG-1500 Photonic Microwave Generator is a compact all-in-one solution providing microwave signals up to 12 GHz with exceptionally low phase noise and high signal-to-noise ratio, for applications such as cesium clock interrogation or traditional radar. It relies on Menlo Systems' unique optical frequency comb technology and ultrastable laser systems. The PMWG-1500 combines our fully automated SmartComb and our robust ORS-Cubic high-finesse cavity stabilized laser.

ORS Product family

Menlo Systems’ Optical Reference System series (available from 500-1600 nm) can save you valuable R&D time, enabling you to focus on your experiments. We provide all-in-one complete systems, delivering as many ultra-narrow laser lines as needed, as well as stand-alone cavities, vacuum chambers and extension packages, including: fiber noise cancellation, absolute frequency shift to operate exactly at the atomic transition of interest and second harmonic generation modules.

The ORS series is used in applications such as ultralow-noise microwave synthesis, ultrastable frequency dissemination via optical fiber and many atomic and molecular physics experiments.

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