New Features 2021


Compact Rack Mountable 8U Cubic System

The newest addition to the Menlo Systems ORS portfolio. An ultra-compact 8U rack mountable system, based on the NPL patented, rigidly mounted, 5 cm cubic reference cavity spacer, carefully designed and engineered to save space. Elegantly integrated into the monolithic body, a modular SYNCRO platform is used to drive the laser, to control the system parameters and to provide the feedback. The system is designed to deliver stabilized laser output at 1064 nm or 1542 nm, with the stability at 1s of <5e-15.

New Hardware and Software for Automatic Operation

A permanent evolution of the Menlo Systems SYNCRO modular platform as well as the accompanying control software has resulted in the newest 3U design, capable of automatic ORS system control and locking. If the system is provided with the readout from the wavemeter, it can automatically tune the laser and lock it to the exact frequency of interest. Real turnkey operation!

Quantum Computing OEM

Inspired by the customer feedback, we recognize the high integration potential of the Menlo Systems standalone reference cavities. We would like to encourage the enterprises developing the next generation quantum computers to exploit the compact and mature design of the core element of our ORS products. Menlo Systems standalone reference cavities are highly customizable in terms of the wavelength and the incoupling and outcoupling platforms and optics design. Let’s reach the quantum supremacy together!

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