Stabilized Fiber Link


Advanced Features and Benefits 

  • <10 fs (rms) phase noise and drift
  • Remote monitoring and controllability
  • Redundant design
  • Up to 500 m link length
  • Remote synchronization of lasers and RF systems


The Stabilized Fiber Link (SFL) is designed to interface with the Timing Distribution and Synchronization system (TDS). It allows the distribution of the stabilized optical signal from the timing lab to remote clients throughout the facility with minimal degradation in phase noise and drift. The propagation time of the pulses is stabilized with atto-second precision, leading to unprecedented long-term stability. The link output is suitable for high-precision synchronization of lasers or RF systems across the facility.

The link consists of the Fiber link Stabilization Unit (FLS) which is located with the TDS, and the remote receiving unit. As with the TDS, redundancies are built into the SFL, especially into the receiving units, which are typically not accessible during the run-time of the facility. The SFL can also be accessed and controlled remotely via the facility-wide control system.


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