Fiber-coupled Photoconductive Antenna

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Advanced Features and Benefits

  • New: Iron-doped emitter with improved performance: >6 THz and > 95 dB
                        TERA 15-TX-FC TERA 15-RX-FC                                       
  Emitter Receiver
Antenna material Fe:InGaAs/InAlAs LT InGaAs/InAlAs
Photosensitivity up to 1.57 μm up to 1.57 μm
Fiber connection PM-PANDA, l=100 cm, FC/APC connector, SMF 28 fiber on request PM-PANDA, l=100 cm, FC/APC connector, SMF 28 fiber on request
Antenna electrical connection 1 m connector cable, LEMO 0S 1 m SMB connector cable, BNC adapter
Housing diameter 24.95 mm 24.95 mm
Operating conditions    
Average optical power  <30 mW <30 mW
Pulse duration <100 fs  <100 fs
Repetition rate 100 MHz (80...250 MHz) 100 MHz (80...250 MHz)
Bias voltage 100 V modulation, 100 V (unipolar) not applicable
Modulation frequency up to 75 kHz (unipolar) not applicable

 Caution: Maximum optical power 30 mW at emitter, 40 mW at receiver at 100 MHz laser repetion rate.



Our fiber coupled TERA15-FC antenna modules for 1560 nm laser wavelength are the unique solution for flexible and robust all-fiber THz-TDS systems. The high-power antenna technology is based on InGaAs/InAlAs multilayered mesa structures with high voltage biasing of the emitter. For highest THz bandwidth we provide optimized structures for emitter and detector. The polarization maintaining (PM) coupling fiber ensures reliable and stable operation even under harsh environmental conditions.

TERA15-FC THz-Antennas

Electrical field of the TERA15-FC as a function of time:

3000 avg time dom RGB

FFT-spectrum of the emitted THz time trace:

3000 avg FFT RGB

Test conditions for measurement data:

Laser model Menlo Systems C-Fiber, 1560 nm center wavelength, 100 MHz repetition rate, pulse width at antenna <100 fs, 4 TPX lenses.

TX (Emitter) RX (Receiver)
Average optical power 20 mW 16 mW
Electrical in-/output 100 V 107 TIA

Caution: Maximum optical power 30 mW at emitter, 40 mW at receiver (100 MHz repetition rate); maximum voltage 120 V.

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