Optical Frequency Comb

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Advanced Features and Benefits

  • high repetition rate of 1 GHz
  • self-starting turn-key Ti:Sapphire oscillator including actuators for long-term operation
  • operational range from 500 nm to 1100 nm
  • turnkey metrology system, fully automated with comb control and data acquisition software
Comb spacing 1 GHz
Accuracy 10-14 in 120 s or same as reference, whichever applies first
Stability 5x10-13 in 1 s or same as reference, whichever applies first
Tuning range of comb spacing >30 kHz
Tuning range of offset frequency >1 GHz
Wavelength range 500-1100 nm


The FC800 is a Ti:Sapphire based Optical Frequency Comb with a mode spacing of 1 GHz. Its oscillator is the Laser Quantum taccor turn-key femtosecond laser. Menlo Systems’ robust and mature one-arm f-2f interferometer technology together with our optimized control loops and our established software packages for automation and data evaluation enables us to combine Ti:Sapphire low-noise performance and high repetition rate in a frequency comb system designed for 24/7 operation. This Optical Frequency Comb is as simple as our well-known FC1500 fiber-based frequency comb systems being workhorses in labs all over the world.


  • BDU Beat Detection Unit

    Product Code: BDU

    Generates and measures the beat signal between the frequency comb and an external continuous wave (cw) laser. Available for various spectral ranges, with free space or fiber-coupled optics, and matched to the customer's laser.

    For more information: BDU

  • LLE-SYNCRO Laser Locking Electronics

    Product Code: LLE-SYNCRO

    Allows locking of an external cw laser to the stabilized frequency comb. Performance has been field tested with lasers from major suppliers.

    For more information: LLE-SYNCRO

  • Microwave Ultrastable RF Output

    Product Code: Microwave

    Ultrastable RF output in the 1 MHz-10 GHz range. Utilizing a high-sensitive fast photodetector and a frequency divider where needed.

  • GPS GPS-based 10 MHz Frequency Reference

    Product Code: GPS

    Provides the RF reference input signal for the frequency comb, combining the superior short term stability of an ultrastable quartz oscillator with the long term accuracy of the GPS.

    For more information: GPS

  • WLM-VIS Integrated Wavelength Meter

    Product Code: WLM-VIS

    Integrated wavelength meter with 100 MHz accuracy at 500 - 1100 nm

  • PCF Photonic Crystal Fiber

    Product Code: PCF

    Additional photonic crystal fiber for different spectral coverage

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