BlueCut OEM Seed
Femtosecond Fiber Seed Laser

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Advanced Features and Benefits

  • Selectable repetition rate
  • Modular internal design
  • Active air cooled
  • Single mode linear polarized fiber output
  • Compressable to <300 fs pulse duration
  BlueCut OEM Seed
Central Wavelength 1025 nm - 1070 nm
Pulse Energy 2 nJ
Spectral Bandwidth 7-12 nm
Selectable Repetition Rate 100 kHz - 10 MHz
Output Port  single mode fiber, SC/APC connector


The BlueCut series is based on Yb-doped fiber technology and has been designed to increase precision and cost efficiency for industrial microprocessing applications. The laser is aimed at industrial fields such as biotech, biomed, photovoltaics and semiconductors.

The BlueCut OEM SEED includes all-PM oscillator, preamplifier and pulse picking unit, and is therefore a ready to use solution for amplifier seeding. Due to a robust and compact design, the solution is ideally suitable for implementation into an existing setup or production line even in rough environment.



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