Femtosecond Thulium Laser

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Advanced Features and Benefits    

  • >100 mW, >10 nm Bandwidth, 10 MHz Repetition Rate
  • Fiber Based Linearly Polarized Output
  • High Stability
  • Turnkey Operation
  • All Polarization Maintaining
  • Modular Internal Design
  • figure 9® Technology, Laser Output in Less than 60 Seconds
  • Air Cooling
Central Wavelength  2.05 µm (custom wavelength on request)
Average Power >1 mW (oscillator), >100 mW (amplifier)
Repetition rate 10 MHz
Bandwidth (3dB) >10 nm (20 nm typ.)
Pulse duration compressable to <500 fs
Output Port fiber-coupled, SC/APC
Monitor Ports (optical, RF) optional
Polarization linear, PM fiber


The Red-Fiber is a front end laser at 2.05 μm central wavelength and MHz repetition rate. The compact laser is based on our all polarization maintaining figure 9® mode locking technology. Intracavity dispersion compensation allows for spectral bandwidths supporting <500 fs pulse duration. The Red-Fiber is designed for reliable and long term stable operation in both scientific as well as industrial applications fields. An additional preamplifier module can be integrated to boost the output pulse energy to >10 nJ (>100 mW). The compact rack mount housing with integrated full remote control over RS232 or USB interface allows easy integration into subsequent high power laser systems.

Typical Output Spectrum:

 Optical spectrum.jpg


Typical RF Output Spectrum:


Radiofrequency spectrum.jpg


Long Term Stability

 long tem neu.jpg


Typical RIN Measurement

 Relative intensity noise measurement.jpg


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