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ORS-Cubic Ultrastable Laser - ultra-narrow lasers with reduced form factor

With the ORS-Cubic, Menlo Systems add a new, compact Ultrastable Laser system to their Optical Reference System series. It is based on the cubic cavity design* which offers the lowest vibration sensitivity reported for an optical cavity. The rigid mounting of the cavity allows for transportation of the system without the need for realignment. Menlo Systems’ Optical Reference System series (available from 500-1600 nm) can save you valuable R&D time, enabling you to focus on your experiments. We provide an all-in-one complete system delivering as many ultra-narrow laser lines as needed. The ORS series is used in applications such as ultralow-noise microwave synthesis, ultrastable frequency dissemination via optical fiber and many atomic and molecular physics experiments.

* manufactured under NPL license

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Dr. Benjamin Sprenger
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