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Menlo Systems’ Optical Reference System series can save you valuable R&D time, enabling you to focus on your experiments. We provide an all-in-one complete system delivering as many ultra-narrow laser lines as needed. At Menlo Systems, we are experts at providing you with custom systems tailored to your requirements.


Customization examples:

• Low finesse cavities for filtering and mid finesse cavities for Doppler cooling

• Dual and multi band cavities for laser stabilization, Rydberg and EIT (Electromagnetically induced transparency) experiments

• Cavity systems with crystalline mirrors reaching frequency instabilities in the mid 10-16 range

• Fiber Doppler cancellation systems

• RAM (residual amplitude modulation) detection and cancellation

• Frequency doubling


Value-added services:

• Mirror cleaning and contacting

• Finesse measurements

• Phase noise and frequency stability characterization

• Zero crossing measurements

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