Photoconductive Antenna

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Antenna material LT GaAs
Antenna structure Wrapped dipole
Bandwidth >4 THz
Dipole length 20 µm
Gap size 5 µm
Substrate size* 5.0 x 5.0 x 0.35 mm3
Laser wavelength ~800 nm
Optical power <10 mW
Pulse duration <100 fs
Repetition rate 100 MHz (80...250 MHz)
Electrical connection structure on PCB
Bias voltage recommended: ±35 V (max. ± 40 V)

*The chip is mounted on a 40 mm x 40 mm PCB.

Caution: Maximum optical power 10 mW at 100 MHz laser repetition rate.

Please refer to the specified laser parameters and bias voltage. Improper use or experimental conditions are excluded from warranty.

TERA8-1 antenna structure:

TERA8 1Dipole Structure







The TERA8-1 is a single dipole structure based on low temperature (LT)-grown GaAs. The antenna can be used as emitter or as detector. The chip is mounted on a PCB, the structure is robust without boding wires.

We test each antenna structure and guarantee bandwidth up to 4 THz. It is a ready-to-use unit, comes mounted, connected and tested to serve your THz experiment.

For the TERA8-1 antenna we offer the optomechanical mount T8-H2. It includes hyper-hemispherical silicon lenses for focusing or collimation of the THz radiation with differential thread micropositioning screws for coarse and fine in-plane alignment, and the focusing optics for the NIR light with lateral micropositioning.

Electrical field as a function of time:

MENLO SYSTEMS_Terahertz Antennas and Components_TERA8-1_Pulse_3w.JPG

Corresponding spectrum of emitted THz radiation:

MENLO SYSTEMS_Terahertz Antennas and ComponentsTERA8-1_Spectrum_3w.JPG


Test Conditions for Data Plots

  • Optical source: fs fiber laser operating at 780 nm and 100 fs pulse width
  • Data recorded with 20 μm dipole used on emitter and detector side
  • Mechanical chopper with 1 kHz
  • Lock-in detection with 30 ms integration time
  • 10 mW of optical input power at emitter and detector side
  • Up to 30 V bias for emitter
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