New Features 2019


CEP stabilization with unprecedented performance
New release of CEP stable, fiber-based front-end Yb oscillators with unprecendented phase-noise performance. Perfect as CEP stable front-end in high pulse, high average power Yb systems. Full control of CEP phase and repetition rate. Full systems including SYNCRO based phase lock loops. 24/7 operation.

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CEP stable, multi-arm fiber lasers
Menlo Systems proprietary technology for intra-cavity dispersion control applied to Menlo figure 9® technology. Resulting in multi-arm, robust CEP stable front end lasers both at Yb (1030 nm) and Er (1560 nm) wavelengths.

Please request information about customization of CEP stable lasers according to your requirements.

Menlo Expert Ben Sprenger 2019
Dr. Benjamin Sprenger
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