About the Research Program

ACROSS: Adiabatically poled crystals for realtime dual-comb spectroscopy in life sciences

Together with a Japanese partner and starting January 1st, 2018, Menlo develops critical components and subsystems for a broadband optical dual-comb spectrometer in the mid-infrared and the UV spectral region. Despite the fact that optical spectroscopy is an established technique with applications, e.g., in chemical process control, there is a huge market potential for a technology that allows for probing along extended pathways with high selectivity and short acquisition times. Applications for such a system range from monitoring hazardous trace gases (CH4 or NOx) to hyperspectral imaging in microscopy.

Project duration is 30 months, funded in Germany by BMWi in the ZIM program, and in Japan by METI, which is gratefully acknowledged.