SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATION: High-performance fiber-laser-based terahertz spectrometer

High-performance fiber-laser-based terahertz spectrometer

D. Stehr, Ch. M. Morris, Ch. Schmidt, & M.k S. Sherwin

We have developed a rapid scanning terahertz (THz) spectrometer based on a synchronized two-fiber-laser system. When the system is set to the asynchronous optical sampling mode, THz spectra extending to 3 THz can be acquired within 1 µs at a signal-to-noise ratio of the electric field of better than 20. Signal averaging results in a dynamic range of more than 60 dB, and frequency components of more than 4 THz can be detected. When the lasers are set to the same repetition rate, electronically controlled optical sampling at a rate of 2.5 kHz is demonstrated, making the system versatile for different spectroscopic applications. Finally, we compare the THz emission spectra of a photoconductive switch that is pumped at 780 nm and a nonlinear DAST crystal excited at 1550 nm. We find that the spectral range of the spectrometer is significantly enhanced at higher frequencies, while the dynamic range remains constant.

Optics Letters Vol. 35, p. 3799 (2010)