Synchronizable fiber-coupled Terahertz Spectrometer



Advanced Features and Benefits

  • NEW: >5 THz bandwidth, >90 dB dynamic range
  • Synchronizable THz-TDS system with multicolor laser output
  • Fast scanning delay line with >850 ps total range
  • Fast data acquisition platform without lock-in amplifier
  • Remote control and data transfer over network
Antenna model TERA15-FC*
Spectral range >5 THz (typically 5.5 THz), for higher bandwidth ask for metal mirror option
Dynamic range >90 dB (typically 95 dB)
Total scan range >850 ps, flexible setting of scanning range and speed
THz frequency resolution <1.2 GHz
Laser specifications  
Wavelength 1560 nm, alternatively 780 nm or multicolor ports
Total average output power >500 mW
Repetition rate 100 MHz, synchronizable to external source
Output ports for THz generation 2 x fiber coupled FC/APC ports, PM fiber
Pulse duration <90 fs
Dimensions / weight  
Optical unit depending on configuration
THz control electronics depending on configuration

*see product data sheet for detailed specifications


TERA SYNC has been developed for scientific THz applications which need additional multicolor laser output ports and synchronization of the laser repetition rate to an external source. The system includes a fiber coupled THz path and additinal high-power laser output ports for different output wavelengths.

Our new THz TDS system is using one of our scientific platform lasers with an intracavity actuator for tuning of the cavity length. The laser is based on our novel all-PM fiber figure 9® technology for reliable and stable performance, operating at 1.5 µm to serve our fiber coupled high power THz antennas. Optionally, with an integrated second harmonic generation stage the additional laser output ports can be flexibly configured to 780 nm or 1560 nm. For THz-TDS with optical sample excitation the TERA SYNC setup can be upgraded by our THz-Pump-Probe add-on. To accomplish the task of synchronizing the laser with an external source we offer our solution RRE-SYNCRO locking electronics.


TERA SYNC_multicolor_PumpProbe.jpg


  • THz-Pump-Probe Add-On For Optical Pump-THz Probe Spectroscopy

    Product Code: THz Pump-Probe



    Upgrade your Terahertz System by our add-on for THz-TDS measurements with optical sample excitation.

    The THz-Pump-Probe extension is including the laser optics and linear translation stage with up to 850 ps delay.

    The ‘optical pump - THz probe’ measurement scheme is implemented into THz-TDS measurement software.


  • Reflection Guide Add-on for flexible THz measurement geometry

    Product Code: Reflection Guide


    THz path pivot platform for quick and flexible manual adjustment of the reflection angle, ranging from a minimal reflection angle of 38° to normal up to a stretched configuration for measurements in transmission geometry. A scale for measurement angle indication is included. The platform assures automatic angle adjustment of the sample holder.

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