High-speed Terahertz Spectrometer

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Advanced Features and Benefits

    • Fast scanning without optomechanical delay unit
    • All-PM fiber laser technology with instantaneous mode locking, for highest stability and reliability
Antenna model TERA15-FC*
Spectral range >3 THz in step mode, >1 THz in rapid mode
Dynamic range >60 dB in step mode, >35 dB in rapid mode
Total scan range up to 4 ns (pulse-to-pulse, virtually unlimited)
Rapid scan range up to 40 ps
Rapid scan rate >200 waveforms / s
THz frequency resolution <3 GHz
Scan mode rapid / step scan
Laser specifications  
Wavelength 1560 nm
Total average output power >60 mW
Repetition rate 250 MHz
Output port configuration 2 x fiber coupled FC/APC ports, PM fiber
Pulse duration <90 fs directly from laser, <120 fs after OSCAT delay line
Dimensions / weight  
Optical unit 450 x 560 x 200 mm³ / 34 kg
THz control electronics 448 x 132 x 550 mm3 / 10 kg   

*depending on measurement settings


Our TERA OSCAT all-fiber THz spectrometer for fast data aquisition is based on the novel OSCAT (Optical Sampling by CAvity Tuning) technique. It enables THz time-domain spectroscopy without any moving parts. Combined with our TERA Image extension, the system provides a solution for fast THz imaging applications. Similar to the ASOPS technique, the OSCAT offers great flexibility in system configuration and capability of high-speed measurements.

System layout:





Principle of operation:

In the OSCAT technique there is no need for an external moveable delay line. Contrary to the conventional THz-TDS systems, the lengths of the emitter and detector arms are not balanced. The temporal shift Dt between the pulses i (emitter arm) and i+a (detector arm) is determined by the repetition rate frep of the fs laser.





  • TERA Image Extension Unit

    Product Code: TERA Image


    For THz imaging applications our fully automated extension TERA Image can be integrated.


  • Reflection Guide Add-on for flexible THz measurement geometry

    Product Code: Reflection Guide


    THz path pivot platform for quick and flexible manual adjustment of the reflection angle, ranging from a minimal reflection angle of 38° to normal up to a stretched configuration for measurements in transmission geometry. A scale for measurement angle indication is included. The platform assures angle adjustment of the sample holder.

  • ImageLab: Extended Edition THz Image Analysis

    Product Code: ImageLab


    Hyperspectral Image Processing Software for THz Imaging Data


Timing jitter of the OSCAT laser:

OSCAT timing jitter


Rapid scan THz trace:

OSCAT rapid scan trace

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