Compact Optical Frequency Comb

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Advanced Features and Benefits

  • touch panel control
  • beat detection unit included
  • class 1 laser
  • full automation
  • internal atomic RF clock
Comb Spacing 100 MHz
Accuracy 10-14 in 120 s1)
Stability 5 x 10-13 in 1 s1)
Laser Input up to two fiber-coupled, lineary polarized FC/APC PM input ports
Center Wavelength 1550 nm
Spectral Range @ 1550 nm >25 nm
Additional Wavelengths 780 nm, 1064 nm or 633 nm

1)Or same as reference, whichever applies first. Internal atomic clock supports 3 x 10-10 stability in 1 s and accuracy 10-9, which is subject to aging. Recalibration is available.


The SmartComb - a new era in Optical Frequency Combs
SmartComb is a 19'', 3U, all fiber based compact Optical Frequency Comb. SmartComb is the first model of new era in Optical Frequency Combs. A unique system where the user plugs in the optical fiber of the laser being measured or stabilized - SmartComb does the rest. Fully automated locking electronics, fully automated beat detection, and fully automated measurement and stabilization. Made for use in- and outside of optics labs. That is why we call it a new era in Optical Frequency Combs. Naturally, SmartComb can also come with various output ports at different colors for applications where frequency comb light is used as seed light or for spectroscopy. We are happy to learn about your requirements.

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