Lenses for THz-Radiation

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Advanced Features and Benefits

  • High transparency in THz regime
  • Pre-mounted
  • Easy adjustment in THz-path 
  • Optical transparency range from 780 nm-1550 nm
  • Short delivery time
TPX50 / TPX100 / TPX200
Wavelength THz regime, 780 nm and 1550 nm
Material TPX polymer
TPX50 plano convex, aspheric lens, EFL 50 mm, 1.5"/38 mm diameter
TPX100 plano convex, aspheric lens, EFL 100 mm, 1.5"/38 mm diameter
TPX200 plano convex, aspheric lens, EFL 200 mm, 1.5"/38 mm diameter




The TPX50 (left) and the TPX100/200 (right) are lenses optimized for collimation and focusing in terahertz optics.

The TPX50 is a plano convex lens with a effective focal length of 50 mm, designed for optimal collimation and focusing of highly divergent THz radiation. TPX100 and TPX200 are aspheric lenses with a 100 mm and 200 mm effective focal length, respectively, optimized for focusing the THz radiation for increased working distance in the terahertz path.

A 1.5” diameter, with a clear aperture of 35.5 mm, and the special TPX material guaranties a minimum loss in terahertz power all along the path.

The TPX lenses are equipped with a mounting, that can be removed on demand.

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